Purgatorio, Simon Hammerstein's Latest Creation, Opens Tonight In Times Square

by Stanely Stuyvesant · October 15, 2009

    What do you get when you mix the crazy acts from the Box with a mega tri-level interactive theatre in the heart of times square? Definitely not heaven, but maybe not as bad as hell (?)...no, you get "Purgatorio" care of Simon Hammerstein and company. Technically, it's a haunted house from the same minds that brought you the acts at the box. And, "If 30 percent of the people are so frightened they run out on opening night, I'll consider it a smashing success." -says Hammerstein. Read more below...

    "It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience death. The fear is very real."

    The club’s real fun begins after the messy business of actually dying is over. Once dead, guests can reunite with their friends and proceed through a lounge called Hell, a theater called Purgatory and a disco called Heaven.

    Unlike other haunted houses in the city, guests are free to go through Purgatorio at their own pace. They are encouraged to drink heavily and linger in Purgatory, told they won’t be admitted to Heaven until they purge themselves of sin through utter intoxication. The club is also open to the public in a way that The Box will never be, with tickets for sale from $40 to $80 at enterpurgatorio.com — and no velvet rope.

    via NYPost.