This Zero-Proof Spirit Will Give Your Health A Serious Buzz

by Christie Grimm · September 10, 2020

    I don't know if you've noticed, but non-alcoholic spirits are all the rage right now. And as a life-long non-drinker (shocking, I know), I've got to say, I have never understood the point of a mocktail. I mean alcohol gives you a buzz, but what does all of this other stuff do?

    Well, meet the future of wellness nightlife. Rasāsvāda is a botanical restorative, zero-proof spirits brand based out of New York City, and they're totally changing the game. Unlike other zero-proof spirits you may see out and about, Rasāsvāda has actual, functional health benefits. 

    Imagine the taste of Campari blended with the magic of Traditional Eastern Medicine. 

    In other words: Bitters with benefits! 

    Rasāsvāda offers three, wild-harvested, plant-based spirit restoratives that are concentrated with 45 rare herbs sourced from around the globe.

    Looking for some help in the anti-aging, skin health department? Try Ruby Artemisia

    How about something to help manage your stress and give you some mental clarity? Go with Rose Bergamot.

    Just trying to stave off getting sick? Black Ginger it is!

    Each of the three drinks is an immunity booster, digestive aid and antioxidant. Which begs the question, why not drink to your health?