Scott And His Girls Do Greenhouse, Buddakan And Cipriani's

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · January 8, 2009

    [Jackie Marie, Grace Elizabeth Gomez-Brea, and Scott Buccheit]

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    Last night I began my night meeting up with my boys Tim Morehouse and Jason Rogers at the Gotham Lasik Party at Greenhouse. The event was hosted by Richie Rich and also honored dance icon Rasta Thomas.  After a few minutes with the hoi polloi we headed to the VIP room and hung out with old friends Tyler Burrow, Erika Taylor, Jasen Kaplen, Richie Rich, Taylor Choi and my favorite Top Model, Jaslene.  After a quick Pink cocktail, I headed out to meet my girls.  In rough times, friends are necessary, and mine are the best.

    More story and photos below:

    My girls rallied with me at Buddakan and we all caught up with each other's antics.  Grace Gomez Brea spent her holidays in the Dominican Republic while Jackie Marie spent hers in Vail and actually got caught up in the whole bomb scare mess. Carrie Baker, Susan Kilkenny and I relayed our New Year's Eve war stories, ordered way too much food and laughed a lot.  Towards the end of the meal, we were thrilled when our very dear friend Adis Gutic showed up.

    We all piled into Adis's SUV and headed to our old favorite Cipriani's.  Whoever said out with the old has never been to Cipriani's Upstairs. Despite being around for years it is still pretty inaccessible to most everyone and always has the best, most beautiful crowd in all of New York.  After being greeted by the always jovial Mauricio, we were given our old table in the corner and hung out with the Cips Girls, Lauren, Janine and Kate.  We were pleasantly surprised that Alex Jervy Smith was there.  Some of you may recognize him from the new show "The City."  I don't watch the show so I only recognize him because I know him.

    I headed home but the girls hit 1OAK where i heard they partied the rest of the night away with Benicio del Toro and Josh Harnett. The first of many fabulous nights to come in 2009.