Scott Does Mentor, Haven, And The Eldridge

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · November 20, 2008

    [Brittany Snow and Tammy Brooks]

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    Last night found us at the H&M and PHILLIPS de PURY & COMPANY Present Royal Gala Auction Premiere which was hosted By Brittany Snow with Music by Paul Sevigny and featured a silent Auction for Mentor Foundation. We were invited by PR Dive extraordinaire Tammy Brook. We made our way inside and the first person we saw was the Queen of Sweden. Who knew Sweden had a queen? We had a little chat with Brittany Snow, saw our favorite Olympic Medalists (Tim and Jason) and met yet another America's Next Top Model alum, Diane Hernandez. We checked out all the art that we missed the night before and grabbed a catalogue with intentions on attending the auction on Sunday.

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    We then headed to Haven for dinner with our friend Kelly Brady. Some of you may remember Kelly from her short stint as a reality star on that MTV show featuring Lizzie Grubman. Kelly graciously hosted us and we were treated to an amazing tapas meal. The food was excellent and the space is beautiful. It was nice to be able to actually see it, as we attended the opening and couldn't even see our own feet. We were joined by our buddy Tara Church and a great time was had by all.

    We then headed to Eldridge and were joined by Carrie Baker, Mike Dunn and Sloan Angell. No sooner were we in the door then DJ Mike Nouveau approached and informed us, you spelled my name wrong...again! So we looked it up this time. We were surprised when Leven Rambin came to make our evening. She leaves this morning and will be missed.

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    Tim Moorehouse, Scott Buccheit, Jason Rogers

    Naeem Delbridge, Tara Church

    Scott with Leven Rambin