Scott Gets Spooked With The Hearst Girls At The #1 Haunted House In The Country

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · October 17, 2008

    Lydia Hearst at Haunted House [Lydia Hearst outside of the Nightmare Haunted House]

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    Tuesday night found us at Koi with the usual suspects, Lydia Hearst Shaw, Gillian Hearst Simonds and her lovely husband Christain, and Richie Rich and Just Joe. We all met for dinner as a prequel to the main event of the evening, going to the Nightmare Haunted House on Suffolk Street.

    It"s been years since we"ve gone to one. Every year we plan with Lydia to go and then never do. So this year we finally bought the tickets. According to AOL the house is the #1 Haunted House in the country. We"re not really sure what that ranking means, but we can"t resist meaningless statistics. The house takes about 20 minutes or so to get through, during which time you, walk, crawl, climb, tunnel and get things thrown at you.

    Richie RichScott Bccheit, Lydia HearstHaunted House

    More story and photos below:

    If it wasn"t actually scary, it more then made up for it with the laughs we all had. There was a really gross moment where we were threatened by a "hobo" zombie with a golden shower. Before any of us knew what hit, we were doused with warm water. We all knew what it wasn"t, but were still grossed out the same!


    Afterward we headed to Milano"s to celebrate the official (and last I hope for this year) Sparrow"s Birthday. We were met there by Derek Lloyd Saathoff, Diana Papanova and Ro Penuliar. Naeem had to work the Eldridge door so we decided to stop by for a visit and have a laugh with Matt Levine and the saxophonist!

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