Scott Sartiano Single? A Look At His Dating Record

by Sara Schnackel · July 13, 2011

    Girls, get ready, because Scott Sartiano may be back on the market. Sources tell Gatecrasher he's newly split from his fiance of a year, Wilhelmina model Allie Rizzo. The co-owner of Butter has quite the track record when it comes to celeb girlfriends. We take a look at the roster.

    Scott was a small town guy who was big city dreamin' in South Carolina, and found himself surrounded by bodysuits and house music in the Big Apple.  Previous girlfriends include Anne Hathaway, Ashley Olsen, Ashlee Simpson, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, this guy must be quite the catch.  Starlets and socialites, it may be time to bring out your well-manicured claws, because from the looks of it, this fish won't be in the sea forever!


    Name: Scott C. Sartiano

    Born: October 31, 1974 in Pittsburgh PA

    Age: 36

    Hometown: Columbia, SC

    Scott moved to New York to pursue his undergraduate degree at Columbia University, where he played tennis at a collegiate level.  A wrist injury ended his tennis career, and he decided to focus his talents for business and investments on becoming a self-made nightlife impresario. He proceeded to do exactly that, opening critically acclaimed Butter Restaurant in 2002, and 1 OAK Lounge in 2007.

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    Scott as also been spotted out with celebs Scott Disick, Leighton Meester, Nicky and Paris Hilton, and Michelle Trachtenberg.

    Dating Profile

    As you probably noticed, Scott has had his fair share of superstar love affairs. So what happened?

    Anne Hathaway (2002) Free food is always good.  In 2002, Anne and Sartiano dated only briefly, according to, Anne had recently broken things off with actor Topher Grace and probably needed a break from dating within the industry.

    Ashley Olsen (2004-2005) Scott and Ashley dated in 2004, after Ashley's "Full House" Uncle Jesse introduced them.  Olsen didn't dump Sartiano because he got her tangled up in a story about bribery, drug dealing, and assault (which led to her $40 million defamation against the National Enquirer) but, according to her people, because she needed to clear her head to get ready to go back to NYU. When John Stamos introduced the pair, he reportedly asked Scott to "take care of the girls while they are in New York". Hmm, who wants to bet that wasn't exactly what he had in mind? [Via]

    Jamie-Lynn Sigler (2006-2008) Scott dated "Sopranos" star Jamie-Lynn Sigler for two years before the pair split.  Sources say they were very much in love, careers just got in the way. The breakup was mutual, and both were "very sad", but they decided that was what was best for them at the time. Sources say she was in LA and needed to focus on her acting and he was distracted by  his nightclub ventures in NYC. Nothing like long distance to ruin a relationship.

    Allie Rizzo (2008-2011) Scott and Wilhelmina model Allie Rizzo dated for two years, before he popped the question over dinner at Le Cirque in April, 2010.  Sources say the couple recently broke it off after being engaged for over a year.  Sartiano's spokesman says "Scott and Allie broke up quietly a few months ago but remain close friends."