As they say, "For everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, as well."

Doña Vega mezcal is on the menu at some of the hottest spots in NYC (The Standard, La Esquina), the Hamptons (Topping Rose, Montauk Beach House), Miami (Casa Tua, La Petit Maison), Aspen (Caribou Club, Dante x Snow Lodge), and more! A smooth, less smokey take on the traditional Mexican spirit, it's produced by an all-female team in Oaxaca. 

Looking to upgrade your mixology skills? Why not whip up a Mezcal Aperol Sour “MAS" - a balanced combination of sweet, smokey, and citrus topped off with a frothy egg white and grenadine finish? Or how about “A Night in Mexico” - bitter with underlying notes of caramel, Sweet Vermouth and garnished with a smoked salt rim? Surely a Mezcalini will liven things up at your next brunch affair - a smoky, spicy twist on the bellini!

Click through for the three simple recipes you'll master in no time!