SoHo Bar "The Anchor" Is On The Hunt For Blackbeard's Anchor

by Cameron Picardi · June 8, 2012

    The buccaneer brains behind The Anchor on Spring street, Gunther Bilali and Jason LaGarenne, are zealously hunting a true gem from Blackbeard's flagship vessel, Queen Anne's Revenge. Their latest effort is to excavate a 13-foot anchor from the depths of Davy Jones' locker off the coast of North Carolina. LaGarenne and Bilali hope they will be able to add this authentic nautical relic to their lounge.

    Their treasure hunt, however, may be stifled by the State of North Carolina.

    In a recent interview with Blackbook Magazine, Bilali commented,

    "We're going to have to jump through some hoops, but i think our patrons will think it's cool to Instagram."

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    In fact, LaGarenne and Bilali received a cease and desist letter from the Attorney General of North Carolina. But before this turns into a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, the State of North Carolina ended their letter stating that they would be willing to permit the excavation for a charitable donation. According to the Blackbook Magazine interview, this excavation will require about $1 Million and that Bilali,

    "Genuinely believe[s] would be a priceless acquisition."

    While treasure hunting may be every young boy's dream, ultimately the reason for this acquisition is to supplement their nautical motif and maintain intrigue for their customers such as Lady Gaga and Kanye West. In addition to decor, Bilali mentioned that they plan on starting a new event series with Travis Bass and the Kanon Vodka crew. This event series will start Wednesday, June 13 with doors opening at 10 PM. Launching this month and continuing throughout the summer, The Anchor will serve lobster rolls through a pop-up of East Village's Luke's Lobster. They also plan on launching a nautical themed drink program with old time coolers and house-made mixers.

    Check out the full interview HERE!

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