Sour Beer: Hipster Fad Or Here To Stay?

With people’s new found love of craft beer, everyone seems to be trying to find his or her new favorite. IPAs, porters, pale ales, stouts and more have flooded the bars with different tastes and experiences for the drinker. But a new style of beer is on the up - sour beer. It’s a tart and acidic drink that will make you pucker upon first sip, but just like any cold beer, it is extremely refreshing and satisfying. This new brew will change your perspective on what beer can be, adding a whole new flavor profile to your drink options. There are plenty of breweries and restaurants within Manhattan that house these frothy tart drinks, so let us tell you what sour beer is and where to find it, and you can decide if it's the new IPA that's here to stay or just another hipster fad.

[Photo via @rashell3232]