When you roll up to the club on a horse, carrying doves, waving sparklers. When you're dancing and your shirt just falls open. When you look to your left, and, what the?! Is that Woody Allen and Michael Jackson just chilling on a couch? What could they even have to talk about!?!

The magic that was Studio 54. Opening 40 years ago on this very day, this spot was the place. Actors, models, artists, club kids, child stars (hey, it was the '80s) - a safe space for all those just looking to get down, hard. Hosting stars and making them - would there have ever even been a Bianca Jagger without a Studio 54 to play setting to her to-this-day still unbelievable fabulousness?

Groove on down memory lane and take a look at the most iconic and salacious party snaps. You won't be disappointed.

[Photo by Robin Platzer/Twin Images via Getty]