The Adult "Do-Over Prom" Latest Theme To Hit Nation

by Roxana Hernandez · May 12, 2011

    We're all about the Adult Prom theme here at GofG and  Who doesn't think back to prom and want a do-over? For many, prom memories are less than perfect and have some variation of arguing, crying, or puking. If only there was a way to go back and redo it all.

    Maybe that's why the biggest trend hitting the nation is an Adult Prom themed party.

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    Adult prom themed parties are taking the coasts by storm, from Beverly, Massachusetts to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But it doesn't matter where it is, all that matters is – its prom the way you always wanted: with spiked punch and no chaperons.

    Adult proms are not reunion for former classmates but they are a vast majority of revelers in their 20s, 30s and even 60s simply excited to relive the awkwardness, get dressed up, dance and of course, vote for prom king and queen.

    In Green Bay, Wisconsin, Ashley Moeller (25) let NYT follow her and her friends as they prepared for their adult prom.

    They went all out for their special night and had their hair and nails done and even got spray tanned. After getting dolled up, they had an evening filled with martinis and a steak dinner. Then went to their hotel room for pre-game party where they also planned to have the after party.

    At the Green Bay Adult Prom everything expected happened: the awkwardness, a women wondering and searching for her missing date, and the couple draped all over each other in the corner making everyone else blush. But nobody seemed to mind, it was their do-over, another chance at the perfect night.

    A few women came with new boyfriends — their earnest eagerness could be spotted by the corsages they donned. Most couples had been married for years, and a few people joked about the relief of not worrying whether they would “get lucky.”

    The dance floor was only half full as the band played classic rock like Sweet Home Alabama, an era long before most of these prom goers were even born. But lets get to the most important thing of the night-who won prom queen?

    When the votes were tallied, the woman in the stunning tangerine dress had garnered far more votes than any other nominee. Ms. Moeller gasped as the organizer placed the rhinestone tiara on her head, poufed-up hair still perfectly intact.