The Borgata

by guestofaguest · August 1, 2007


    We missed Dave Matthews, we missed round two of polo, and we missed "Super Saturday" out in the hamptons this weekend, as well as countless events in the city.  So, just where in god's name were we all weekend long?!  Well, it all started last Tuesday night when our friend offered us an all expense paid, VIP style getaway to the Borgata in Atlantic City.  We had never been to AC nor ever heard of the Borgata and, after a little bit of indecisiveness, decided that it was just the perfect weekend to put an end to all of this unknowingness.  So we hopped in the limos and headed west. 

    atlantic city

    Here's what we learned:

    -the Borgata is huge.  In fact you can spend days there without ever stepping outside and barely notice. 

    -There are several clubs inside the actual hotel that makes you wonder "where in the world are all of these people coming from"..


    -...then you remember the answer: philly, jersey, and the shore.

    -If you ride the Greyhound out to AC be prepared for multiple "smoke break" pit stops along the way and a $20 voucher to use at the casinos upon arrival (which does nothing to make the journy by bus worthwhile)

    -They are very proud of their bottle service at Mur.Mur.

    -If you are a girl, show up in a fedora hat and side pony us, you will be treated like a famous star.

    -stay away from the mini grilled cheese sandwiches at the buffett.

    -opt out of the beach, instead stay in bed all day watching movies circa 1993.

    -Be aware of the fact that the hotel club's security guards take their jobs VERY seriously.  This can work both in your favor and against it.

    -Make sure you are with a group of people that you enjoy spending time with, specifically only those who will be able to not only acknowledge the cheesetastic experience, but wont be afraid to enthusiastically embrace it.

    -The house always wins, esp. the ones in Atlantic City.

    All in all it was a worthwhile journey, where everything "up" was "down" and "left" was "right".  Was enough wacky fun to satisfy our AC needs for at least a couple years.

    playboy crew

    (playboy party crew)

    p.s. did you know that the Monopoly board is based off of Atlantic City.  Every property is a street in AC!  We love that game!