The New York Jets Are Scared Tim Tebow Will Fall Prey To The Demons Of NYC Nightlife

by Chelsea Burcz · March 23, 2012

    According to reports, Jets officials are pushing newly minted teammate Tim Tebow to pick up and move to Jersey, since, ya know, New York City nightlife is full of terrible temptations on all kinds of Stefon levels. But hold up -- are we talking about the same Tim Tebow here? The teetotaler? The virgin? Apparently it's a slow news day, because Fox News investigated by going to bars and strip clubs to get the "inside scoop."

    [Tim Tebow, Crocs, and a baby. Photo via]

    According to the serious investigative reporting:

    - Brother Jimmy's has created a "No Sex on the Beach" drink for Tebow, a non-alcoholic version of the traditional "Sex on the Beach."

    - Sparkling cider will be on hand at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club, in case Tebow decides to stop by.

    - And Maria Katz from Sapphire's Gentleman's Club on the Upper East Side said,

    "We love breaking the good boy. We hear it all the time, 'I don't want a lap dance, I've got a wife,' and then they're walking out at 6:00am."

    Will he and Jeremy Lin start sippin' back holy wine together at the hottest NYC clubs? Doubtful.

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