The Nightmare On Jane Street Carries On...Literally

by Chiara Atik · September 22, 2009


    So, we weren't kidding yesterday when we said the residents of Jane Street are getting pissed about the noise emanating from the Jane Hotel as of late. Turns out, according to a tip that everyone in the blogosphere has apparently received, they've formed a really intense neighborhood watch that chronicles the nightly activity outside the hotel in a blog using videos, pictures, and careful eye-witness observation. And they have a twitter!

    The blog entries are categorized under "Noise " and "Concerning Reports", and the more contemplative "Thoughts".  Writer-residents refer to the security guards as "utterly useless", and complain about "Obnoxious French people who didn’t get in cursing and smoking outside the window" and "a chartered booze bus". They call 311 nearly every night to complain about the noise, and use dramatic terms such as "never forget!" to refer to, no, not the Holocaust, no, not 9/11, bur rather the disruption caused by The Beatrice on 12th street.

    From the about page:

    A few months ago the Jane Hotel opened its doors and immediately changed the character of our once tranquil block.  And while we thought thousands of people loitering, dozens of cabs honking and music thumping from the club was bad enough, apparently they now want to take the party outside and open a rooftop bar.  With or without the Olsen twins, it’s really not cool.

    Wow. Do NOT underestimate angry residents of the West Village, people! And Party On Jane!