The Perfect Roomie…

by guestofaguest · November 19, 2007

    the box

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    Just heard that the 2nd floor over at 189 Chrystie St. is up for rent. This beautiful 2,556 sq. ft. space has two private entrances and a 300 sq. ft. terrace. But what's the best part about this space??? You guessed it, it's shared with The Box. For only $50 per square foot you can share in part of the adventure that is The Box. Sure there may be the occasional late night stalkers, nightly renditions of Clapton's "Cocaine" song shakin your baseboards, and naked midgets outside your door to deal with, but that's a small price to pay for the countless nights you will get to feel like a star. You will always have a place to take those out-of-town guests that need to constantly be stimulated and wowed, but more importantly, you will obtain so many new wonderful and TALENTED friends that work in your new neighborhood joint.

    Joking aside, this space will most likely end up being the new "secret Upstairs" spot....that or one of Hammerstein's wished "Baths". The space is being showcased by Walker Malloy who claims that it is "perfect for an entertainment company", and also (our favorite): "All uses considered." Things could get messy folks.