The Pink Elephant Opens Once Again Tonight: A Trajectory Of Debauchery

by Chelsea Burcz · May 31, 2012

    pink elephantThe Pink Elephant's grand opening is tonight on MacDougal and 8th street, and apparently it plans on being a high-end mixology bar with a dance floor. (Hard to believe, I know.) So we thought we would take a look back at the glory days to remember the Pink Elephant most of you remember (or don't remember). Take a stroll back in time below...

    Recently, Steve Lewis spoke with David Sarner about the reopening, and he had a few interesting things to say about the new vibe:

    The space itself is unique because it delivers three distinctive experiential spaces: an amazing Infinity Room, a maze-like mixology bar, and a retro-style discotheque that functions as a traditional cabaret in the early evening before morphing into a dynamic nightclub with high energy dance music as the night progresses. Also, we decided to take the venue in a different direction than most clubs today in that we actually have a great dance floor. We still have VIP tables, but the majority of the people can come in and dance and have a great time without getting destroyed with table charges.

    So there still will be a giant dance floor, but also more loungy-type rooms.

    What can you expect at the new Pink Elephant? Often times history repeats itself, so take a look back at some of the history of the club...


    The Pink Elephant turned 4 years old in '08. Even though they faced a bankruptcy filing and staff departures, the party was no where from being over.

    [Pink Elephant's Four Year Anniversary]

    [More From Pink Elephant's Four Year Anniversary]

    [Rocco Anarola's Bday At Pink Elephant]

    And the party kept going in the Hamptons with their outpost in the Capri hotel in Southampton (in what is now the NoBu space).

    pink elephant

    pink elephant

    pink elephant

    pink elephant

    [Pink Elephant at the Capri in Southampton]

    [Pink Elephant at the Capri in Southampton, pt. II]


    Success still thrived in 2009, but the owners of Pink Elephant begin to sue each other for the brand name. David Sarner and Bobby Montwaid win, and Joey Morrisey re-brands as Pink.

    [Zev Norotsky's Birthday Party At Pink Elephant]

    5 years strong, the club celebrated with a Tiesto performance in 2009.

    [DJ Tiesto at Pink Elephants 5th Anniversary]

    [Pink Elephant, The Little Engine That Could]

    And who could forget the infamous Mr. Pink Elephant hittin' the sauce at the office?

    Mr. Pink

    Mr. Pink

    Mr. Pink

    [Mr. Pink Elephant Has Been Drinking On The Job (Again!)]

    [Mr. Pink Elephant Unmasked!]


    Pink Elephant attempts to relocate, but is shut down by the city. They attempt to go back to their old location but are rejected by the Community Board.


    Now, years later, it seems the Pink Elephant is finally ready to make its come back. They have moved on from the Chelsea scene to W. 8th street, and according to Eater, plan on going for more of a speakeasy vibe with high end cocktails and live performances.

    Judging by the photos above, we have a hard time believing it. Tweet us your thoughts @guestofaguest.