What more fitting news could come out of Trump's America? Women may be marching for change, but men? Some things never change.

With the opening of the Cachet Boutique New York hotel later this year, New York will be greeted with a serious blast from the 'glamorous' past, as the midtown spot will feature a reintroduction of the Playboy Club. With a lounge area, a game room, a full-service dining room, and of course, Playboy Bunnies hopping to and fro, one has to wonder just how successful a spot like this will be in the modern day city? 

It's been 30 years since the last Playboy Club closed its Manhattan doors, and well, quite a few things have changed. Still, it's a world where sex sells. 

Time will only tell it seems if people are still interested in ordering the low-cut bustier bodysuits complete with a Peter Cottontail tush, white collar chokers, and sad cheap ears.

America, getting great again already.

[Photo via Getty]