The Second Annual L Magazine Nightlife Awards

by Rachelle Hruska · September 11, 2008

    l-nightlife-awardsI was flattered upon being asking to be a presenter and a panelist for the The Second Annual L Magazine Nightlife Awards on September 16, 2008.  It took me a considerable amount of time to make my picks (see official ballot below), and I am eagerly awaiting the award ceremony where I will join several friends in celebrating our city's best in nightlife.

    Emcees: Michael T and Michael Formika Jones Panelists: Michael Gogel, Rachelle J. Hruska, Steve Lewis, Gregory Littley, Stephanie Wei Presenters: Paul Johnson Calderon, Peter Davis, Rachelle J. Hruska, Robbyne Kaamil, Sophia Lamar, Steve Lewis, Michael Musto, NickGQ, Thomas Onorato, Peppermint Gummybear, Stephanie Wei Performers: Bugs in the Dark, Naked Highway Awards Girls: Ariel (Burning Angel) and Baby Sinead After Party DJs: rekLES (Best DJ, The First Annual L Magazine Nightlife Awards) After Party Hosts: JE, Mae (Ill P.), One Night Stand's Jake Destruction, Alex Christian and Chantilly Lace, Zachary David Palmer

    Click Below for the full ballot:

    Mix of Nightlife and Fashion: Nominees: BYTE, Disco Down, High Voltage, Ether, Six Six Sick, Trouble and Bass,

    Ruff Club, Minou, Fashion Indie, Luxe Presents… Parties, Stereo-Type, Cut NYC, TRASH!

    Mix of Nightlife and Live Music: Nominees:

    Lit, Minou, Cheeky Bastard, Phat Baby, Famous Friends Parties, Santos, Studio B

    Mix of Nightlife and Art: Nominees:

    Lit, Beatrice, Supreme Trading, Arlo + Esme, Galapagos, Stereo-Type,

    Glasslands, Hugs, "Mondays at Lit"

    Most Thriving Scene: Nominees:

    Electro, Metropolitan, Williamsburg, Bushwick, "hipster crap," Ruff,

    Annex, shoegaze revival, it's mushed up (as in, no real scenes), DIY, downtown rock scene, the bathroom line, "anywhere but Manhattan"

    All-Night Train: Nominees:

    L train, JMZ,  "none!," J (singular), G, R, F

    2007: A train

    Car Service: Nominees:

    Metropolitan in Williamsburg, Northside, Arecibo, McGuinness, New

    Brooklyn, New Bell, Yellow Cab, 7777777 Carmel, Mobil, TKOmri's Party Wagon and Falafel Bus, bikes 2007: Taxi

    Fashion Trend: Nominees:

    Glitter, neck-brace, staying in, worst- boys with exposed chests/low

    v-necks, "being demure would be a great trend," large bows, brown leather dress shoes, 80s bathing suits as onesies, "the absense of one," being yourself, headbands over foreheads, over-sized glasses, clothing optional, "anything but shutter shades," "fuck trends," glowsticks, Pokemon vomit 2007: Fanny Pack

    Post-Clubbing Food: Nominees:

    Ray's Pizza, Punjabi, San Loco, Yaffa, Pizza, Around the Clock,

    crepes, sandwiches at Hanna's, Salonike, Koronet, Pizza, Big Easy, anytime, the Flame, it is not healthy to eat that late, Anna Maria's, NYC bodega-scene, Hana Deli, 7A, Cafeteria, wraps, cottage cheese/hummus/milk/cashews 2007: San Loco

    Night to Go Out: Nominees:

    Thursday, Tuesday, Friday, Wednesday, Saturday

    2007: Friday

    New Song: Nominees:

    Kingdom, Dave Gahan; Kids, MGMT; Lower East Side, Santogold; Shut up & Let Me Go, The Ting Tings; I Love NY, Drop the Lime; Paper Planes,

    MIA; I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance, Black Kids; Breakfast, Le Le; Man's Needs, The Cribs; Pop Levi, Mai's Space; Electric Feel, MGMT; MIA, Bamboo Banga; No Biterz, Miss TK & The Revenge; Crimeware, Crystal Castles; Tony the Beat, The Sounds

    Female Hard Rock DJ: Nominees:

    Theo Kogan, Carin Shock, Shar Gorgiiss, Lauren Flax, Lady Starlight

    In-Park Party/Festival/DJ Performance: Nominees:

    Paul Van Dyk, BEMF, McCarren Park, Santogold at Summer Stage, Diplo

    and A-Trak at Summer Stage, Siren Music Festival, Sundays Best at The Yard, Kevin Saunderson at The Yard, Jelly, The Yard

    Record Label: Nominees:

    iheartcomix, Epic, DIY, Tiger Sushi, Tesco Distributions, Flagrant

    Fowl, Kitsune, Norton Records, The Seven Inch Project, Interscope, Disco Not Disco, DFA, Palms Out, Trouble & Bass, "They all suck" 2007: Vacancy Records

    DJ: Nominees:

    DJ Jess, Jeremy (DJ Bastard), Jake Destroyer, VDRK, Dimitry!!!, DJ

    Eli, Lauren Flax, Alan Astor, John Tejada, Trouble & Bass crew, Alex English, Guy, Michael T, Krames, Twig the Wonderkid, Josh Houtkin, Treasure Fingers, Phast Phreddie, Honey Dijon, Chris Alker, Kids With Snakes, Sushi Steve 2007: rekLES

    Rock 'n' Roll DJ: Nominees:

    Twig the Wonderkid, Miss Guy, Michael T, Theo

    Goth (Forgive the Catch-All) Night: Nominees:

    BYTE, Salvation, SMack!, Weird at Home Sweet Home, Just One Fix, Manic

    at Trophy, Contempt, Batcave

    Glam-Rock Night: Nominees:


    Underground Party: Nominees:

    Copy Cat, Minou, Famous Friends, Tingle Tangle, Trouble & Bass, Rubalad, BYTE, Bodega

    Party for Live Music (Drumming, Etc.) During and/or Between DJ Sets: Nominees:

    Minou, Cheeky Bastard, Soulpusher

    Party to be Abjectly Humiliated by the Emcee: Nominees:

    Rated X, "where's Formika?"

    Outdoor Party: Nominees:

    Sundays Best at The Yard, BEMF, Hope Lounge, High Bar, McCarren Pool,

    Sunday Funday at The Yard, McCarren Park, Yard

    After Work Party: Nominees:

    High Voltage, A Rock and a Hard Place, $ Drafts at Turtle Bay, The Hump at Blue Owl, Danny Krivit at Water Taxi Beach

    Party with Live Performances (Music, Otherwise): Nominees:

    BYTE, Minou, Ether, TRASH!, Fixed, Cheeky Bastard, PS1, The Pull-Out

    Method, RebelRebel, Boys & Girls, Friction, High Voltage, Soulpusher, Rated X, Shout!, The Rub

    New Party: Nominees:

    Disco Down, Girls & Boys, Minou, Ether, Bottoms Up!, El Bano, Boys &

    Girls, Stereo-Type, Ninjasonik on Wed at Happy Ending, Tingle Tangle, Highbar, Yeah Yeah!, Trouble & Bass, Campout, The Hump, The Panty Raid 2007: High Voltage

    Party: Nominees:

    BYTE, TRASH!, High Voltage, Trouble & Bass, Rated X, M, Ether, Six Six

    Sick, Fixed, Unstoppable Perfect, Subway Soul Club, The Pull-Out Method, Nacotheque, Stereo-Type, Cheeky Bastard, East Side Social Clvb, The Panty Raid 2007: FUN

    Gay Night: Nominees:

    The Filthy Party at Metropolitan, Family, Sundays at Hiro, Splash,

    Wednesdays at Metropolitan, The Look, mr. black, "Friday (anywhere)" 2007: The Factory

    Go Go: Nominees:

    Amber Star, Ariel, Kelly Hurt, Abby (Chantilly Lace), Apathy Angel,

    "that hot chick at Beauty Bar on Wednesdays," Lady Starlight, Anna Copa Cabana 2007: Machine Sex

    Promoter Most Likely to Coerce You into a Bathroom Stall: Nominees:

    Michael T,  "Everyone"

    Promoter: Nominees: Andy Shaw, Famous Friends, Jess, Alex English, Frances and Lena, Twig

    the Wonderkid, Eamon Harkin, Alan Philips, Ruth Heronemus, One Night Stand, Dimitry, TKOmri, Cut, Michael de Guzman, Senari, "they're all drug addicts" 2007: Andy Shaw

    Burlesque Performer: Nominees:

    Amber Star, Stormy Leather, Venus Velour, Legs Malone, Peekaboo

    Pointe, Tigger, Janis DiMilo, Tali DiMar, "all the TRASH! ones"

    Most Attractive Bartender: Nominees:

    Aaron (40 C), Robert at Happy Ending, Matt at Union Pool, Mary Kate at

    Crash Mansion, Lauren Larkin, Maddy Thaler at Royal Oak, "the long-haired model at Beatrice on Fridays"

    Most Attractive Cocktail/Bottle Waitress: Nominees:


    Drag Performer: Nominees: Deryck Todd, Trigger, Acid Betty, Rainblo, Epiphan, Peppermint Gummybear

    Gender Fuck Performer: Nominees:

    Pixie Harlots

    Best-Looking Record Exec in Town: Nominees:

    Nick Catchdubs

    Greatest Living Nightlife Editor: Nominees:

    Zachary David Palmer, Michael Musto, Seva Granik

    Greatest Living New Yorker: Nominees:

    Jimmy from Trash & Vaudeville, Michael T, Dimitry!!!, Edward Gorey,

    Don Mattingly, Robert Deniro, Malisa Meresman, Andy Shaw, Anna Wintour, Woody Allen, Twig the Wonderkid (Antonio), Jack Walls, Jayne Country, Rosie O'Donnell, Danny Krivit 2007: Antonio

    New Comer: Nominees:

    Glitter Kids, Keyle, Patrickdoesit, Lena Utin, Ashley thepirate, Jake

    D., Charlotte Rose of Luxe, Peter Jay, Ruthie (Famous Friends), Senari, "class of 2012," "anyone that gives me drugs" 2007: Jason Ultra

    Nightlife Photographer: Nominees:, Nicky Digital,,, Brad Walsh, Nikola, Scott Rudd,, Patrick Parault, Bronques, darkroomdemons, Mr. Photog 2007: Nikola

    Nightlife Icon: Nominees:

    Amber Star, Dimitry!!!, Sophia Lamar, Michael T, Nicky Digital, Alex

    English, Joey Nova, Brad Walsh, Nick Zed, Georgie Seville, Larry Tee, Mistress Formika, Darwin Ortiz, Amanda Lepore, Mr. Photog, Justine D., Gary 2007: Michael T

    Place to See DJs Spin Vinyl: Nominees:

    Marquee, Beauty Bar, Santos, High Voltage, Studio B, Trophy, 205,

    Sundays Best, East Side Social Clvb, Love

    Spot to See Breakdancing: Nominees:

    McCarren Park Track, Rebel, Happy Ending with Ninjasonik, Happy

    Ending, Hiro on Thursdays

    Yuppie-Spotting: Nominees:

    Beatrice, Hiro, Manhattan, Bar 13, Ruff Club, Vintage, weekends in

    Meatpacking, weekends in East Village, "L Magazine Nightlife Awards Party"

    Spot for Anonymous Sexual Encounters: Nominees:

    Lit, The Box, Don Hill's, Six Six Sick, High Voltage, Bowery Electric,

    Union Pool, The Cock, Chemistry NYC, TRASH!, "everywhere," "bathroom"

    Gay Club: Nominees:

    Metropolitan, Splash, 40 C, The Cock, Phoenix, HK

    Place to Spot Celebrities: A-List: B-List: C-List: Nominees: A

    Marquee, Beatrice B Lit, Beatrice C Lit, Three of Cups

    Mixed: Happy Ending, Bowery, Hiro

    Post-Breakup Night Out Spot: Nominees:

    Metropolitan, Lucky Cheng's, Ruff Club, Chemistry NYC, Death & Co., "stay home"

    "My Significant Other is Out of Town" Spot: Nominees:

    Metropolitan, O'Conners (Brooklyn), Ruff Club, Chemistry NYC, Happy Ending, "stay home," "when my significant other is out of town, i drug myself until he comes back"

    Most Relaxed No-Smoking Policy: Nominees:

    Lit, Beatrice, 205, Annex basement, Le Royale

    Venue Decor: Nominees: Lucky 13 Saloon, Love, Hugs, Happy Ending, 205, Hope Lounge, Le

    Royale, Bowery Electric, Chloe's, Cielo

    Venue That Deserves Getting Dressed Up to Visit: Nominees:

    Marquee, Beatrice, Gansevoort, Happy Ending, Clover Club, East Side Social Clvb

    Most Dangerous In-Venue Staircase: Nominees:

    Three of Cups, Le Royale, 205, Beatrice, Happy Ending, Rehab, The Pool at QT

    Venue with the Most Pretentious Line-Companions: Nominees:

    Marquee, 205, Santos, Pink Elephant, Hiro, "who waits in line"

    Open Bar: Nominees: Lit, Minou, Happy Ending Tuesdays, Disco Down, Ether, A Rock and a

    Hard Place, Sparks, Zygo (High Voltage), R Bar,, "all"

    Door Staff: Nominees:

    Lit (Matt Kepler), Annex, 40 C, Ro (Annex, darkroom), Happy Ending,

    TRASH!, darkroom, Johnny Bravo at Union Pool, Bowery Ballroom, Royal Oak, Gerard at Lolita Bar, Studio B, Don Hill's, Rahnon at The Rub, "anywhere but Hiro," "Rififi when TRASH! was there" 2007: Rififi

    Bar Staff: Nominees:

    40 C (Aaron), Happy Ending, Le Royale, Beauty Bar, Matt and Jess at

    Savalas, 40 C, Charleston, Union Pool, Last Exit, Sweet Paradise, Royale Oak, Renee Marks (Lolita Bar), Studio B, The Plumm, Hanger Bar, Lit, R Bar, Fresh Salt 2007: Rififi

    Venue-Bar: Nominees:

    Beauty Bar, Arlo & Esme, Savalas, Rodeo Bar, Motor City, Home Sweet

    Home, darkroom, Union Pool, Big Easy, Hugs, St. Jerome's, Cielo, Black and White, Hanger Bar, Duff's 2007: Rififi

    Venue-New: Nominees:

    40 C, Santos Party House, Arlo & Esme, Le Royale, High Bar, Country

    Club, Trophy, Market Hotel, Hugs, Hello Brooklyn, "Definitely not Santos" 2007: 200 Orchard

    Dance Floor: Nominees:

    40 C, Studio B Cielo, Rififi, darkroom, Arlo & Esme, Touch, 205, Cielo, Annex,

    downstairs at Santos, Santos 2007: Studio B

    Sound System: Nominees:

    Arlene's Grocery, Santos, Love, Annex, Sullivan, Hiro, 205, Europa

    2007: Studio B

    Lighting System: Nominees:

    Love, Annex Upstairs, Annex, Hiro, Bently Meeker, Santos, Europa, Cielo

    2007: Studio B

    Venue-Club: Nominees:

    The Delancey, Love, Santos, Happy Ending, Rebel, 40 C, Annex,

    darkroom, Bowery Ballroom, 205, Le Royale, Studio B, The Plumm, Market Hotel 2007: Studio B

    Non-Theater/Concert Venue for Live Performances: Nominees:

    Arlene's Grocery, Studio B, Annex, Don Hill's, Irving Plaza, Bowery

    Poetry Club, Pianos, Mercury Lounge, Maxwell's, McCarren Park Pool, Joe's Pub, Ars Nova, Market Hotel, Death By Audio

    Bottle Service Menu: Nominees:

    Marquee, Beatrice, Happy Ending, 205

    In-House Club Food: Nominees:

    Trash Bar, Bowery Electric, Crash Mansion, Union Hall, sprinkles

    cupcakes at Country Club, Pete's Candy Store, Union Pool (Taco Truck), White Rabbit, Mason Dixon

    Rooftop: Nominees:

    The Delancey, Studio B, High Bar, 230 5th, 300 CPW, The Hudson, Bar 13, Daniel Casanova's house, Jordan's, apartment