The show must go on…

by guestofaguest · June 1, 2007

    ...and On and On and On.

    As if the shows at The Box each night were lacking in SOMETHING, though we honestly wouldn't even try and guess what that might be (babies dressed as circus freaks, check.  Midgets, check.   Naked girls with strap-ons walking around, fire spitters, knife throwers, check, check, check).

    Well, apparantly the mind behind The Box, Simon Hammerstein, is worried that he forgot something.  The NY Observer is reporting that he is “interested in what people do when they leave the Box.” You mean, like, eat? “No, not a fucking dinner,” he said with a chuckle, but refused to elaborate.

    The only plausible conclusion: Hammerstein is going to open a Bathhouse.  Yes THAT kind of Bathhouse.  We really don't know how to register this information as of yet...