The East Village, often flooded with students and artists, is known for it's wealth of inexpensive nightlife - hence, the mass amount of dive bars. We've picked a few of our favorites for the next time you are roaming the east side.

How Do You Know You're In A Dive Bar:

- The lighting is so dim you can barely see your drink

-You can almost describe it as dingy but it has a certain charm

-The beer is cheap and the cocktails are made from well liquor

- The Bartender wants to know your life story

- The bathrooms are there because they have to be, not necessarily for public use

- The whole place could do with a touch up; there will be cracks merely taped over and tears in the seats but it all contributes to the 'look'

-You won't remember that you were there the next morning

Here is a taste of what the East Village has to offer...