VMA sounds like an STD…

by guestofaguest · September 10, 2007

    MTV's Video Music Awards have long been the joke of the Music Industry, but after last night, the joke has turned to embarrasement.  For starters, the whole Kanye West party thing in a suite at The Palms was completely contrived.  Even though the awards started at 6 PST, Kanye managed to have a party (shown intermittently from the beginning of the broadcast until the end) during the dark of night...hmmm...how is this possible if sunset in Las Vegas was at 6:58 PST last night?  Something tells me this "party" wasn't filmed last night, and was anything but a "party".

    Some other observations:

    1.) Comical overlap: The same handful of "artists" were nominated for the same handful of awards

    2.) Comical overlap Part II: The same handful of "artists" were repeatedly recycled throughout the show (P. Diddy, Kanye, Rihanna, Timbaland, JT, Fall Out Boy, Chris Brown) as presenters, part of the crowd, and performers.

    3.) The digital Gen-Y-esque theme used to show award nominees was impossible to visually follow and understand

    4.) The camera angles (from the bottom up) were amazingly unflattering for most of the stars, take for example Alicia Key's explosive thunder thighs.  The producers should have rigged a boom so that they could shoot either a) level with person or b) from top to bottom

    5.) Acoustics of the room was painful to listen to

    6.) P. Diddy needs to stop wearing Biggie Smalls shirts

    7.) WTF was Jennifer Garner (Affleck) doing there?

    8.) Paris's hard-partying ways seem to finally be catching up to her looks

    9.) Britney...do we even need to say anything? 

    Hope you weren't one of the many poor souls who decided to fly out there for the awards and the after parties...If they were anything like they were in New York in years past then hopefully you aren't too pissed about dropping the coin for the trip.