Welcome Back, Jane Ballroom!

by Chiara Atik · April 28, 2010

    [Photo via Eater] It's been a long, dark winter without The Jane Ballroom, but Spring is finally here, and with it comes news that the beleaguered nightspot is set to reopen.  The residents of Jane Street must be thrilled. -

    West Village residents needn't worry prematurely, though: new operating policies will be in place to keep patrons from lining up outside while they wait to get in.  When the venue opened last summer for the first time, it enjoyed a relatively mellow first couple of months before it exploded, and we predict this summer will follow a similar pattern.

    New capacity limitations, a rooftop bar, and more direct door policy will all help ease the traffic (and demand), and the ballroom in general will have a more mellow feel.

    So, no need to lie down in the streets in protest quite yet, neighbors of The Jane.

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