Matt Kliegman And Carlos Quirarte's Westway Finally Opens!

by Mara Siegler · June 20, 2011

    Matt Kliegman and Carlos Quirarte's Westway was supposed to open back in February. They held the Rag & Bone party at the spot during Fashion Week, but instead of keeping the doors open, they ran into problems with the Community Board. The men behind The Jane Ballroom and The Smile have finally been worked out the kinks!  The spot soft opened this weekend, reports Eater.

    The delay was caused by concerns from the SLA Licensing Committee, which was worried about traffic issues, hours of operation and stripper poles in what is not actually a "strip club."  Kliegman and Quirarte worked with them, bringing studies about traffic in the area and an actual traffic engineer before the board, as well as gathering 200 signatures in support and around 15 letters of recommendation from cultural institutions throughout the city.

    Housed in the former Westside Gentleman's Club, the club gained buzz all the way back in December by announcing the concept of the "hipster stripper." The unlikely hybrid was poised to bring some old school grit by employing topless ladies at a place that would cater to the tastes of a Jane Ballroom-type crowd. That idea has since been diluted with Kleigman and Quirarte promising the SLA Board that there “would be no nudity, no topless, and nothing like that."

    We'll still go check it out. Will you?

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