Craft Beer

Oh, boy. Between interrogating your server about hops and fermentation and requiring a taste test of every beer, by the end of the night, bar patrons and the bartender must think you're the worst. You should be drunk right now, so drunk that you tear up when you're explaining the meaning behind your Lokai bracelet even though no one even asked, so are you still so discerning about your beer at this point?! You will tell anyone who is willing to listen to you that whatever craft beer you're currently chugging is worth the extra $6, and you will then regale its entire origin story, which sounds like the summary of a cloying indie film starring Greta Gerwig and Michael Cera. You will then try to find a way to link the beer's origin story back to a NOLs trip or a summer you spent WWOOFing because these kinds of experiences are just so damn edifying. When someone inevitably throws a Natty Light in your face because you won't STFU, you will remind them that they owe you $50 because your "Feel the Bern" shirt is artisinal and handmade (when really, you bought it at Urban Outfitters). 

[Photo via @ithacabeer]

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