When Nightlife Personas Start Blogging...

by Rachelle Hruska · February 12, 2009

    Okay, so Steve Lewis has been at it (first at Joonbug, now BlackBook) with his blog: Goodnight Mr. Lewis, but there are others in the industry that have important lives too dammit!  And they want to share...First there's David Jaffee, the promoter over at davidjaffee.com. Though simple in form, he is "dedicated and committed to providing the absolute best experience, we are the only nightlife connection you'll ever need in NYC." (Ahem, sorry but I beg to differ).  But the real gem is the one I came across today, the personal blog of Matt Oliver, doorman extraordinaire...

    Matt Oliver is deeply involved in Charity:Water and we are looking forward to seeing him at the Twestival event tonight.  In the meantime, look over his old yet hilarious postings at "Badlovesongs.com":

    "i'm thankful that in the past few years, no one has said to me "you are so money and you don't even know it". although i am concerned that the reason i haven't been told that is not because the expression is now terribly uncool but rather because i am.

    sort of related to this... i would like to start saying "no big woop" again."

    And with that, Matt you have officially won me over.  Big Whoop!