Who is Wass Stevens?

by guestofaguest · September 14, 2007


    Well, who the f@*k doesn't know Wass Stevens!? Or rather, who hasn't been rejected or admitted by him at one time or another at Marquee? Wass is the middle weight Brooklyn bomber who sports custom made Ron & Ron suits and runs the door at Marquee.  Always located on the left side of the door, (Rich Thomas works the right side), he relishes in his 30% acceptance rate, and 70/30 girl-guy ratio (sounds like he is running a school of higher education).  At Veruka, Wass was known as the highest paid doorman in New York City, and has certainly continued this trend at Marquee.


    He has also been shot more times than 50 cent by disgruntled club rejectees over the past two decades.   And those Italian driving gloves you see him wearing?  Those are in case he has to break out his semi-pro boxing skills and take you to the matt!  Wass doesn't mess around with his suits or his job.  Curiously you'll NEVER see him inside Marquee enjoying the crowd or drinking, he's ALWAYS at the door.  And you'll NEVER get his age.  He's said in different interviews that he is either in his 30s or refuses to give an age.  We are guessing 45ish...

    So what does he do when he's not working the door from 11pm-4am?  He's an actor of course.  You may have been a surprised as we were when we saw him in World Trade Center, playing the brother of a Transit Cop (Nicholas Cage).  We don't know what his character said throughout the entire film because everytime he opened his mouth the only words we heard were "three bottle minimum!"