You Could Own A Piece Of Beatrice Inn

by BILLY GRAY · August 9, 2010

    You'll never go to Beatrice Inn again. But thanks to thieving entrepreneurs, a bit of Beatrice might come to you. Someone stole the shuttered club's green and white sign from under the noses of neighbors who...are probably thrilled the last reminder of the place is history. It could be yours! -

    The vandals aren't too attached to the memento, saying that "for a price, it can belong to anyone." Eater can't imagine someone ponying up for it. But we're sure there are a few Beatrice die hards who'd appreciate the keepsake. Considering that a night at the Beatrice didn't come cheap, the small-time crooks might stand to make a tidy profit.

    Just think about the average price a typical Beatrice patron spent on... Beatrice Inn swore it prepared in its allegedly functional kitchen: $0

    ...a pregame 8-ball: $150

    ..."snow" once inside the "only operational ski slope in Manhattan": $30-50

    ...requisite plaid in form of a pea coat: $650

    ...requisite plaid in form of a flannel shirt: $15-200, depending on hipster caste

    ...all-important ciggies: $10

    ...bottle service: $0

    ...a mediocre cocktail: $13

    ...printer toner, paper and scotch tape wasted on ignored signage: $2.50

    ...a wacky headband: $10

    ...crazy! retro hats: $55

    ...a zany scarf and...whatever this guy is wearing: $60

    Assuming the old regulars haven't completely moved onto Kenmare and the "new" Don Hill's, I can see bidding on the Beatrice sign approaching the low double-digits. And maybe even reviving that "Save The Beatrice" movement.

    [via Imaginary Socialite]