Whether date night takes us to the East Village or the West, The Garret is always our go-to for an intimate atmosphere and inventive cocktails that are sure to impress. Now, finally, there's a location right in between!

Completing the downtown trifecta, Den Hospitality's new Garret Nolita has the same cool vibes as the other outposts, but with a flavor all its own. Channeling a hacienda, the setting is inspired by all the boho writers and artists who've explored life south of the border. In their own words, "this new cocktail bar aims to feel like the home of your most well travelled and interesting friend."

The nomadic theme is driven home with an Insta-worthy wall of vintage suitcases complete with neon art that reads "Headed South of Stress." Oh, and there's also a payphone that urges you to "call your mom." She'd be happy to hear from you, even if it is a drunk-dial.

As for the most important part - the cocktails - drinks showcase spirits and ingredients found and originating from Latin American areas from Mexico to tip of South America. Tequila and Mezcal, obvi, but also lesser known liquors like Pisco, Aguardiente Singani, and Gifiti are expertly mixed into 'grammable (and strong) concoctions.

Situated in the heart of NYC's hottest hood, the spot is slated to see a crowd of hip and stylish PYTs. 

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The Garret Nolita, 349 Broome St.

[Photos courtesy The Garret]