Your Last Shot At Grabbing Up Banned Four Loko In NYC. Act Fast!

by Mara Siegler · July 25, 2011

    Have you been itching for an old school Four Loko fix?  The caffeinated, it will kill you or make you do terrible regret-laced things, is still available at some East Village bodegas!  Act fast and stock up, the beverage police on cracking down with a $2,000 fine.

    That's right. Although stores were supposed to have all the "black out in a can" off shelves by December, 10, 2010, it's still out there despite the fact that Phusion Projects voluntarily removed the stimulants from the juicy concoction.  This is New York after all, where you can get pretty much anything at anytime if you look hard enough.

    The NY Times East Village Local has published the names of  stores that are still selling the stuff including Le Basket, 683 Broadway; Houston Village Farm, 61 First Avenue; and 1st Ave Village Farm & Grocery. Now that it's out in print, expect fines to be handed out in no time. Run, don't walk, immediately for your last shot. Otherwise you'll be stuck with the newer versions, which without the toxic mix of caffeine, taurine or guarana is basically just drinking a horrible tasting, fruity beer.