We are vaxxed. We are waxed. Yes, we are ready to go OUT. 

Summer is always an exciting time to have fun - and this year it's looking like it's going to be a turbo-charged, original-Four Loko version of the season. Now how to take advantage of it... 

Your zodiac sign says a lot about you - from your deepest desires, to your relationships, to your own personal needs and interests, including what kind of activities might best light you up. So, if you’re beyond ready to trade FaceTime for some face time with those you love (or just need a reminder of how to be social outside of your sweats), click through for what the stars say about your ultimate night out.


Madi Murphy, of CosmicRx, is a professional astrologer, intuitive healer, shamanic medicine practitioner, and wellness entrepreneur. Care to learn more about how your stars align? Check out CosmicRx, the spiritual wellness brand approaching self-care through a cosmic lens! Decode your birthchart, catch a podcast, and become a member for access to unlimited monthly classes, energy healing, support from professional coaches, and more!

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