End Of Summer Party At The Gossip Girl Loft

by Rachelle Hruska · September 3, 2009

    [Tim Morehouse, Sam Hamadeh, Jason Rogers] Last night, Sam Hamadeh hosted an End of Summer Party at his loft in Gramercy for friends including our favorite Olympic fencers, Tim Morehouse and Jason Rogers as well as Mick Rock, Bobby Kennedy III, Kick Kennedy, Chris McGovern, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Bob Gilbane, Michael Morris, Lisa Raden, and Greg Calejo. Of note was the loft itself. More story and photos below...

    The loft was the same one on Gossip Girl where Serena was caught playing Guitar Hero in season one, as well as where Blair Waldorf lost her virginity! It was also Bobby Kennedy III's 25th birthday!