"Faces Of Fashion" Party To Richards Sister's Tunes At Underground Hideaway

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · February 18, 2009

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    Last night the socialite world met the celebrity world at the Meatpacking’s RDV (Rendezvous) to celebrate the highly anticipated launch of Erin Ralph’s LuxuryFashion.com. The event entitled ‘Faces of Fashion Week’ was a birthday celebration for Aubrey O’Day and Eli Mizarhi. Rolling Stone rock royalty  Alexandra and Theodora Richards were joint DJ's.  Guests upped the anti with Cielo Tequilia, Ed Hardy Vodka and Peroni…

    This private underground venue brought VIP fashion week guests who all departed with high value gift bags totaling approx. $10k in value... With Halcyon Jets gift cards, a gown voucher by Tamara Pogosian, and a completmentary Zoom teeth whitening package from Woodbury Smile among the contents, this was one party free of recession woes.