Hudson Terrace Hosts Mid-Summer Night Soiree

by MICHELLE MCKELVEY · July 14, 2009

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    As the clocks struck the heavenly hour of 7:30, sizzling socialites, popular pro choicers, foxy females, and humorous hunks alike gathered on the Hudson Terrace for Young Professionals Council for Choice's Mid-Summer Night's Soiree in efforts to raise funds and awareness for advocacy events for young people in struggle to maintain reproductive rights and freedom. While colorful cocktail dresses floated amongst the terrace, neon retro sunglasses framed faces of giddy guests, coupling fiesty fingers wrapped around magenta mojitos, majestic martinis, and the sassy signature drink of the evening, A Safe Sex on the Beach (use protection even while drinking? that's a new one...).

    Guests dabbled at the silent auction table filled with glamorous summer goodies. As eleven rolled around, hands were filled with turquoise tiffany-colored giftbags which topped off the evening filled with sizzling smiles, avid advocacy, and dazzling dresses. What a great mid summers night dream!! Cheers!