In Recession, Subway Parties Cool Again

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · February 5, 2009

    Subway lines may be dwindling (just since 2005 we have the lost the 9, as well as the M and the R) but that doesn't mean that the action on the subways is slowing down anytime soon. Not to worry if you are bored by the guy playing guitar on the platform, Improv Everywhere will let you take off your pants for their annual no pants party. Or on the way to the theater you can take in a subway play. That's right --instead of paying for theater space, this troupe of players have decided to take on the underground as their stage (and its worked tickets are sold out and wait lists are full). Newmindspace leads the way in subway (and other public areas) party hosting.

    What might be the cause of this sudden resurge in partying (or playing, painting) on the subways? Maybe New Yorkers are just excited to hide out from the big bad streets AKA Wall Street? Or maybe for hipsters the underground feeling is just like being at Lit without the cigarette smoke. From the looks of some minor research it seems that Toronto somehow beats NYC in the Subway party department. But not for long- checkout some tips for you to launch your own via Trendhunter

    How do you launch a subway party?  (1) Go on a media blitz promoting the party to as many friends as possible; (2) Get your costume and decorations; (3) pick the station and start time; and (4) party.

    This seems simple.  Maybe our very own Party Pants would like to plan one?

    [The last 9 train party. Photo by Fred Brehm]

    [Photo via NYT]

    [Photo via Trendhunter]

    Also check out the history of a Subway Party. It's not a new idea.