"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Kim Kardashian Hosts Vodka Party, Danielle Staub Uses It As Her Chance To Bask

by SARAH MANDATO · July 10, 2009

    [Danielle Staub basks in the limelight]

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    Last night, Greenhouse and Kim Kardashian hosted the launch party for Three-O vodka. Between a packed, sweaty floor including Housewives Danielle Staub and Kelly Bensimon to these weird alien people such as and Lance Bass; the event looks like my own personal version of hell, or what I envision some sort of drug flashback to look like, if I had drug flashbacks. There seems to be a similar confusion of message from the new spirit, since the "Three-O face" looks like a cross between shock and terror. Oh well, the mash of people and visuals seems to have made for a good shin dig, which maybe makes a lot more sense after downing lots of vodka. Perhaps everything ties together well in the end, after all.

    Seriously, when is Bravo going to give Kristian Laliberte his own reality show already?

    Kelly Bensimon (the fly on those shorts is having issues), Lance Bass

    These things are just scary. The guy on the right I love, because apparently he is arriving straight from class! Extra points if he had rocked the backpack on one shoulder.

    Look everyone! Two drinks! Double fisting! I am craaaaazy! Danielle is a very private person.

    If they are ripping off the line from "Office Space," I would think that is a very unsettling "O Face."