LAVO Does It Again: Fembot Phantom Invitations

by Ross Kenneth Urken · October 27, 2010

    Though in the past we've cultivated a taste for invitation raunch, we appreciate a healthy dose of mystery and class in this epistolary form. Check out the sweet invitation to Lavo's Baile de Mascaras:

    The gold-lettered invitation for Thursday's birthday party honoring nightlife entrepreneur Jayma Cardoso came, much to our delight, with masks.

    The invitation, which says,

    "We advise you to disguise yourself..."

    brings an aura of suspense to the evening's festivities, which will feature music by Michell Saad and Anane Vega.

    The accompanying props we found fascinating in form with a sort of Scream/Jason hockey mask fear factor with a bit of Phantom somber elegance.

    The female mask, though, is part Cat Woman and all Fembot--sort of mechanized sexiness in its fish-net core and sharply-angled curves.

    As the parties heat up this week in anticipation of the Halloween facades and costumes, this has been another segment in the Invitation Sagas...