Richard Blakeley, End Of 'Media Meshings' Parties Nigh

by Stanely Stuyvesant · December 1, 2008

    Richard Blakeley, resident video editor at Gawker, and founder of the 'Media Meshings' parties, has revealed exclusively to Hunter Walker of mediabistro that this month's party will be the last.  The culprit of course is the economy!

    "In the last year, the entire environment of media has changed -- bloated mastheads are being trimmed down, expenses are being cut seems kind of rude to be getting trashed when people are without jobs -- no one wants the party to take on a desperate kind of vibe." [Richard Blakeley]

    Everyone likes a guy who knows when to go out on top and not run something into the ground.  Looks like we'll just have to "Party Like It's 1929"!  On the flip side, however, it will be one less chance to catch Julia "The Lip Dub" Allison in all of her glory.  Stay tuned for more good things to come from Blakeley in the spring.  And for more media party news, you can always check mediabistro's Press List.