Terrifying, Secret Meeting Of Furries, Wood Sprites, and...and...You Really Just Have To See The Pictures.

by Chiara Atik · June 1, 2009

    [Rabbit, Wolf. All pictures by NICK MCGLYNN for Random Night Out]

    Was it a full moon last night? The 31st Day in the 31st Year on the anniversary of some....thing? Whatever the reason, strange, strange things were going on at M1-5.

    Looking at all the pictures left me at a bit of a loss, so I enlisted the ubiquitous Andrew Cedotal (pictured at left, looking angry because people didn't get his costume?) to help interpret the images....

    me: What do ANY OF THESE COSTUMES MEAN???! Andrew: well, the girl in a flesh-colored bodysuit was my senior year roommate. she was a troll me: i dont get it?

    Andrew: because on 4chan etc., people who post things just to be assholes and get a reaction are called "trolls"


    allison (my current roommate) was courage wolf

    me: ok....

    Andrew: you can probably pick out the daft punk tribute videos, the tron guy, the flying spaghetti monster, the series of tubes (google them if you're having trouble)


    Andrew: i was "DO A BARREL ROLL"

    me: I DONT GET IT

    Andrew: JFGI

    me: ???

    Andrew: google is your friend

    Thanks, Andrew, but that was not at all helpful. I guess I'll have to do my best to guess what's going on in these pictures...

    Ok, ok...don't tell me: they're...they're....angry girls with boxes on their heads?

    Uhhhhhhhhhm.....it's Mary-Kate Olsen? And she's been sniffing crayons again? And the Mad Scientist is her biggest fan and wanted to pose for a picture?

    Ugh, the ominous predatory guy with paint on his face that nobody invited. Every party has one...

    Oh no!!! The Angy Box Girls are dangerously circling the girl with ropes loosely tied around her!

    Omg how awkward is this picture? Don't you hate when someone asks you to pose and you don't have time to put down your loofah?

    The girl in the pink tights is totally dressed up as me in high school. At a dance. Surrounded by freaks. As usual.

    A party doesn't really get started til Tony The Tiger busts out his keyboard....

    A BANANA! Finally! Something I recognize!