The Idiots Guide To Throwing A Cocktail Party

by Rachelle Hruska · July 17, 2008

    Keith Lissner InvitationYou know when you meet someone and know right away that you want to be friends with them? Such was the case with the individuals involved in last night's event that I co-hosted with Keith Lissner. Over the months, Keith has become a true friend of mine, and, upon deciding to throw a little party to celebrate his new line, I didn't know where we would start, but I knew exactly who I wanted to add as hosts. The women who would proudly display Keith's works would have to be the women who have motivated and mentored me in my own...

    So, after securing Social Life's Devorah Rose and The Pink Agenda's Marisa Lee; I HAD to introduce Keith to Michelle Austin and Emily Giffin, two women who I have looked to as my role models. Michelle Austin, founder of Fluidity, has made millions of dollars with her patented exercise system....she has, more importantly, revolutionized my own body over the months of training under her classes. Emily Giffin was my first "real" interview, and my most memorable, and not just because of the best selling novels under her belt...her advice and positive feedback came for me at a most fitting time...

    I felt honored to be standing in a photo next to each and every host last night. I am humbled by what they have all individually accomplished and proud to call them my friends. There will, no doubt, be many photos and recaps of the event to follow, but I just wanted to be the first to say thank you to all of them (and all of you out there for that matter) for being my cheerleaders. Keith, what beauty you create! xoxo

    So...what did I learn about throwing a party?

    The place doesn't matter. Nor do the drinks, the food or the change in plans (or the second or third time the plans get changed). The people are always what make or break a shin dig, the rest are just the party favors.