All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go: Permele Doyle

by Christie Grimm · May 21, 2020

    Who isn't absolutely, completely, hopelessly desperate for an excuse to get dressed up these days?

    The ever lovely Permele Doyle is next up in our gratuitously formal series! As the Founder and President of Billion Dollar Boy, a most exciting and innovative influencer marketing agency where she's created ad campaigns you've no doubt thrown a like at for everyone from Bobbi Brown to BMW, Permele's got quite the aesthetic eye. 

    Coupled with her wonderful sense of occasion, I'd actually be shocked if she didn't look at least 75 percent this chic and put together every day just hanging around the house while she casually throws together a collection of unfairly gorgeous tablescapes.

    Her Instagram conspires to agree!

    What are you wearing? 
    Gioia Bini dress I was saving for an evening around my wedding in Puglia this summer - but why not enjoy it now? 

    Where are you riding out the storm?
    In the Hudson Valley at my parents' home in Millbrook, New York where I grew up. 

    Drink of choice these days?
    A glass of red wine each night - Volpaia Chianti Classico. Will soon add a Campari Americano when the nights get warmer. It is a much lighter Negroni and evokes the Med. Corona-time has definitely brought cocktail hour back!   

    Social media trend you're loving lately?
    TikTok! I am working on my Blinding Lights dance. 

    What's your best book recommendation?
    William Trevor novels have succeeded in holding my attention over the past few weeks. No easy feat. An Irish writer who sets most of his works around Irish-English conflicts in the 20th century, he tells the best stories. 

    I’m currently reading "Fools of Fortune" which was recommended by Faulkner House Books. Their new subscription service my fiancé and his partner began sends me a package of 3-5 surprise books each month. To get started, I filled out an online dossier, which itself was fun.

    What's one little luxury of normal life you miss the most?
    Coffee not made by me! 100 percent. Pret, Sant Ambroeus - I miss them all!

    What's the most fabulous thing you've done in quarantine so far?
    Spending this rare extended time with parents. And welcoming my fiancé here after he drove 21 hours from New Orleans! And finally, excuses for an at-home photoshoot like this! 

    [Photo courtesy Permele Doyle]