Cuomo's Daughters Break Their Silence On Social Media... Kind Of

by Guest of A Guest · March 15, 2021

    Since catapulting himself to the world's main stage with his daily Coronavirus briefings, Andrew Cuomo has been enjoying quite the ride, keeping his family in professional tow. 

    Whether it was inviting his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, to make an appearance on his Emmy award-winning hit daytime COVID show, or choosing his daughter Mariah as an "informal advisor" for the state's mask wearing campaign, or constantly making a bizarre inside joke his dad also used to make when speaking to the press, the past year has been an odd, questionably inappropriate family affair.

    And so it was only a matter of time until the Governor's brood broke their silence on the recent slew of sexual harassment and bullying allegations that have many calling for his resignation. Well, does a re-tweet really count as breaking your silence?

    In support of her father, Michaela - one of Cuomo's three chic daughters, who also happen to be Kennedys - took to Twitter to share the words of a social media star doctor and... Billy Baldwin?

    Of course, her passive plea for due process is very much understandable. 

    But very much questionable is what we can only imagine must be her real take on the matter. I mean, talk about timing - just a month ago Michaela was bravely following her work preventing sexual assault at Brown University and introducing herself to the world as a "social justice advocate who focuses on consent education and mental health," sharing quotes like, "Nobody ever brings sexual assault upon themselves," and, "The assault, assailant and the community or institution's minimizing responses are not a reflection of your worth."

    But Michaela isn't the only Cuomo girl to semi take a social media stand. Her sister Mariah has also retweeted Billy Baldwin - who we must note is one of the most serious, respected members of the Baldwin family, which is of course is saying nothing at all - and reposted her uncle Kenneth Cole's #JusticeForCuomo post on her Instagram stories.

    When will we hear something in their own words? Or hear anything for that matter from social media-shy daughter Cara? Remember her, the one with the forbidden romance

    Time will tell we suppose.

    [Photo via @mkennedycuomo]