Halloween may not be for another month, but vampires have been making headlines this week. As if you needed more proof that all members of the 1% are actually thousand-year-old creatures of the undead, new studies suggest that drinking the blood of young people could indeed help you live longer and prevent age-related illnesses. 

In recent years a startup called Ambrosia has made waves for conducting trials with transfusions. The cost? $8,000 for 2½ liters of teenage plasma. Chic!

If you still aren't convinced, click through for some more indisputable proof. And make sure to wear garlic-scented perfume the next time you attend a dinner party on the Upper East Side.

Update: A previous version of this intro stated that the blood-drinking studies were backed by Ambrosia, but they reached out to us to say they are not involved. They also deny claims they have any relation to billionaire Peter Thiel - though there have been conflicting reports about the rumor. All in all, Ambrosia does not promote vampirism!

[Photo via MATTE Projects/Blind Man's Ball]