When you think wealthy, well-bred, society scions, chances are you have an oil (or hotel) (or Hilfiger) heiress in mind. Blue blooded, Upper East Side types. The Gateses? Not so much. But while the famously philanthropic Bill and Melinda have done much to improve the world while keeping their personal lives private, they still boast one of the biggest fortunes in America - meaning their kids have no trouble leading the high life.

Until now, their eldest daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gates, has had a...strange online presence. For years, people have mistaken her (oddly enough) for She's All That actress Rachael Leigh Cook. Seriously, even Google is still fooled.

The real Jennifer, a 21-year-old show jumper recognized by the The United States Equestrian Federation, can now be fully recognized as herself thanks, of course, to her Instagram account (which has recently garnered some attention). From exotic trips with her very handsome boyfriend to shots of her skydiving or on horseback, the Microsoft heiress shares snaps of her fabulous life, while remaining decidedly anti-socialite. Respect.

Doesn't change the fact that she's young, gorgeous, and filthy rich. Take a peek!

[Photos via @jenniferkgates]