Jackie Kennedy's Go-To Uptown Lunch Order

by Christie Grimm · May 9, 2018

    Many salacious, intriguing, gossip worthy secrets of old New York and its most fabulous players are revealed in the new film, Always at the Carlyle - a must see delve into the hallowed, historic halls of the uptown institution. A guest turned neighbor, one Mrs. Jackie Kennedy was a regular patron. Living just a few blocks away over on fifth avenue, hers was not the era of Sweetgreen lunches eaten over a laptop. And so often, as recounted by the Carlyle Restaurant's staff, the former First Lady would pop in for her regular lunches. 

    So what kept the style icon fitting into those smart (and small) ensembles? Her go-to, time and time again order may surprise. A cobb salad, a gin & tonic, and a cigarette. A different time indeed. 

    While these days any Upper East Side wife would sooner give up a Birkin bag than dig into a bowl of avocado, egg, bacon, blue cheese, and ranch dressing, among other caloric condiments, we're sure Jackie never cleaned her caloric plate. Nor can we imagine her ever taking home a doggy bag. Though hey, who knows?

    Just as fond of the place was Jackie's son, who often rolled in for lunches by himself as well. Although t'was a slightly less elegant scene as the film tells, with JFK Jr. often rocking a pair of roller skates in the dining room. Literally having rolled in for a quick bite.

    [Photo via The Carlyle]