Mark your calendars - this October 17th is set to be quite the big day for socialites, aesthetes, and let's be real, Tory Burch. The highly anticipated Christie's Collection of Lee Bouvier Radziwill will see 168 of the American style icon's personal belongings up for auction. From jewelry and fine art to family photographs and books from her homes in New York and Paris.

Considering Tory Burch was a close friend of Lee's in her later years (even naming a handbag after her... which is semi-awkwardly included in the auction), and she's got a history of snatching up historical socialite paraphernalia (let's not forget girl bought and completely restored Bunny Mellon's home in Antigua!), 100% chance she'll be walking away with some chic mementos.

Imagine owning an original pair of big, round, Jackie O. sunglasses! A girl can dream. Click through for some of our favorite pieces on the auction block!

[Photos: Christie's Images]