We've been in need of a politically-adjacent It Couple since Ivanka and Jared somehow proved to be worse White House frequenters than Donald Trump himself, and we believe we've finally found it in Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo and her hot Norwegian boyfriend, Tellef Lundevall.

The 29-year-old former football star hails from the affluent Highland Park area outside of Chicago. He attended Brown University alongside Mariah (he was a senior when she was a freshman) and not only is he 6'4 (thanks, Ivy League athletic stats page) he's also the CEO of his own digital media agency. Swoon.

Going off of Mariah's Instagram posts, the pair have been together for a few years now, and he's already a welcome addition to both the Cuomo and Kennedy crews. As for the governor's opinion? "I like the boyfriend," he recently said during one of his press conferences. However, his dog, Scout, does not. Better keep some treats in your pocket, Tellef! 

From sailing off Hyannis Port to skiing in Aspen, click through for a peek inside their relationship. 

[Photos via @mariahkennedycuomo]