Picking At PMC

by Rachelle Hruska · June 18, 2008


    PMC aka patrickmcmullan.com is a site that can, in many ways, be compared with World of Warcraft. Either you have heard of it and you are obsessed with it, or you have no idea what it is and don't really care to find out. For 99% of the people in this city that work in the following industries: fashion, pr, media, beauty, and advertising, PMC is where it's at. Just ask NY social diary, or Park Avenue Peerage, or any social magazine for that matter, who have all made their business off of taking Pat's photos.

    I have quickly learned the ins and outs of PMC...and, for some reason, thought you may care to hear who my top picks were out of his current galleries. Each day from this day forward, we'll keep you posted on who we think outshined the rest, whether they were on page one or page nine. And so, today's top three (above) are awarded to:

    AnnaLynne Mccord at the "Fashion Votes" event hosted by Nanette Lapore and Kerry Washington: Girl looks good in this season's trendy gray! Though I'm pretty sure that body would look good in any color

    Beth Ostrosky and Katie Lee Joel at "Ocean Drive's" Party at the Southgate: With their fresh faces and bold colors, these two 30 somethings look like they came straight off the cover of "Seventeen" magazine, and make me look forward to my next birthday.

    Rory Tahari with son Jeremy at "Gods Love We Deliver" Benefit at the Tahari House in Sagaponack: Jer Jer's got a Hot Mama!

    There you have it, my top 3 picks from PMC for the day!