What's in a name? From those who have their last name is inscribed on the Mayflower Passenger List and the Declaration of Independence, to those of the nouveau riche crowd who pretend to know the difference between Pellegrino and Perrier and name drop like douchebags, to those who straight up pretend to be rich, everyone knows that your name is everything. After all, when you scream "Do you know who I am?" at maitre d's and bouncers and they respond with a blank stare, your name better be so astoundingly impressive that they will forever feel ashamed for compromising your time. Sure, when you bear an extravagant name as a child, it weighs heavily on others' tongues as much as it does on your ego because it's so embarrassingly ostentatious, but eventually you grow into it when you start living up to it. Here are some of the most pretentious socialite names out there.

[Photo via @poppydelevingne]