The name Samantha Haber not ring a bell? Well, if you've ever tucked into a by CHLOE. guac burger, or just scrolled through your Instagram feed for that matter, you're more than familiar with her work. The founder and creative force behind the vegan brand, Haber's also one of the more colorful and entertaining people to follow. One of those annoyingly cool, eye-rollingly successful girls that make you wonder what the heck you're doing with your life. 

Recently, Samantha and her husband welcomed their first son, James Wyatt Wasser. And unsurprisingly, just when you think someone can't get any cooler... Rising to the occasion, as if fulfilling some social prophecy, she's already become one of the coolest moms in Brooklyn. Hands down. And considering Brooklyn mom standards, that's quite an accomplishment.

From custom fruit mobiles and matching personal stationary, to James-themed manicures and baby still lifes, click through for a look at this true inspiration!

[Photo via @itsmesamwass]