Socials Toasting Spring With Luigi Tadini, Amanda Hearst, And Dom Perignon At Goldbar

by Rachelle Hruska · May 14, 2009

    [Annie Churchill, Amanda Hearst, Marissa Bregman give the boys some laughs. Photos by DAVID X PRUTTING for PMc]

    Spring is officially here. So sayeth the hottest young members of the NYC social set. Because when Luigi Tadini and Amanda Hearst are in charge, everything becomes official. Even Seasons. Last night, the two brought together some of their friends to toast spring with Dom Perignon at Goldbar. And, besides the reward of running into all of their old friends who have all come out of hibernation, guests were in for a real treat with both Richards sister's on the DJ booth and live performers keeping everyone on their toes. 'Vintage Cocktail Attire' was recommended.

    More photos below...

    Main Attraction, Luigi Tadini, Jayma Cardosa

    Annie Churchill, Amanda Hearst, Marissa Bregman, Luigi Tadini

    Alexandra Richards, Asher Roth, Theodora Richards

    Arlynejane Crinion, Ron Tsung, Tommy Walsh, Stephanie Staerken, Dianne Noriega

    Theodora and Alexandra Richards

    Photos below by Rob Rich with Society Allure:

    Luigi Tadini

    Kristian Laliberte, Natalie Leeds Leventhal, Eric Richman, Ana Carmo

    Jamie Mulholland, Jo Jo Mulholland, Greg Calajo, Luigi Tadini

    Alexandra Richards

    Anna Alfchbach, Sara Dalazowicz, James Goll, Gregg Carletta, Ali Zweben

    Emma Snowdon-Jones, Scott Buccheit

    Rich Thomas, Tamie Peters Thomas